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The COA offers membership categories for surgeons during each level of their orthopaedic careers. Candidates should apply for the appropriate membership category based on the criteria and requirements for each.

To become a COA Member please download and complete the

Application for Membership

Categories of Membership

Active Membership

  • Completed training in an approved program in orthopaedic surgery.
  • Obtained certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or equivalent qualification as accepted by the Association.
  • Practices full-time orthopaedic surgery in Canada or the United States.

Active members may vote and hold office in the Association. Active Membership fees for those applying during their first two years of practice will be reduced by fifty percent (50%) of the full Active Membership fees. Those who apply after their second year in practice will pay full dues.

Senior Membership
Active members who are at least 65 years of age and are no longer in clinical or administrative practice may become senior members. In order to be transferred to senior membership status, an active member must notify the Secretary of the Association, in writing, of the date of his 65th birthday and the date of his retirement from clinical or administrative practice, at least 30 days prior thereto.

Associate Membership

  • Associate Membership may be accorded to residents who are in an approved Canadian orthopaedic training program and to graduate fellows in orthopaedic training.
  • These Associate members may not have voting rights, but may sit on certain committees as non-voting members where the Board of Directors judges their expertise useful.

Overseas Membership
Non-resident, not practicing in Canada or the U.S.A.

  • Holds a FRCSC in orthopaedics or equivalent; or
  • Has received part or all of one's training in Canada and had shown a continued interest in the affairs of the Association; and
  • Is a qualified orthopaedic consultant in one's country and has fulfilled appropriate training and education standards.
  • All Overseas candidates must have letters of recommendation from two Active members of the Association.
  • Overseas members shall have no voting rights.

Honorary Membership

  • Honorary Membership may be conferred upon members of the medical profession of acknowledged pre-eminence, and upon distinguished persons outside the medical profession who the Association may wish to honour.
  • Under very special circumstances, and upon recommendation by the Board, Honorary members may be granted the privilege of holding office or an appointment in the Association, and shall be entitled to vote.

Research Affiliate Membership

  • This category of membership shall be open to:

  • Scientists involved in orthopaedic research; and
  • Medical practitioners licensed to practice in Canada who have demonstrated commitment to orthopaedic surgery and who regularly act as surgical assistants during orthopaedic surgical procedures.
  • Under very special circumstances, and upon recommendation by the Board, Affiliate members may be granted the privilege of holding office or an appointment in the Association, and shall be entitled to vote.

Inactive Membership

Under special circumstances such as illness, maternity leave, academic leave or volunteer work, Active members may request to be considered inactive for the following Association fiscal year.

  • An Inactive member must renew his/her request annually.
  • In order to be considered Inactive, a member must notify the Secretary of the Association in writing

COA Readmission Policy

If a member resigns or has their membership withdrawn and subsequently seeks re-admission within 5 years, their outstanding dues invoices must be paid in full (to a maximum of two years past dues) in addition to the current year's membership dues unless there are extenuating circumstances indicating that it would not be appropriate. In these instances, the final decision rests with the Membership Committee.

A member is eligible for re-admission only once. If reinstatement is sought again after having lapsed a second time, their candidacy can be denied or subject to an increased re-admission fee.

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