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About the COA

logo_big.gifEver since its inception, the COA has enjoyed an international reputation. Liaison officers are appointed to participate in and maintain our affiliation with national and worldwide orthopaedic institutions.

The COA maintains close ties with the Royal College. The training, education and qualification of orthopaedic surgeons have been within the purview of both our Association and the College. The co-operation between these two institutions has been exemplary over the years, both acknowledging their respective mandates and compatibility.

In the face of increasing sub specialization, the COA has avoided fragmentation by forming subspecialty committees within the parent organization. Thus, the Association speaks with a united voice on behalf of the orthopaedic community in Canada. Such major activities include: Continuing Medical Education, the organization of orthopaedic training centres across Canada and collaborating with the Royal College/College of Physicians of Quebec on issues involving orthopaedic surgeons.

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FINAL COA Membership PathThe COA strives to support its members by offering various services and benefits throughout each stage of your entire orthopaedic career path. From early training all the way to retirement, click here to learn how the COA is supporting you every step of the way!

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All members are encouraged to learn more about the various benefits that come with your COA membership by referring to the 'Value for Your Commitment' article that was featured in the recently released Summer edition of the COA Bulletin. Increased value begins in 2016 for Active members with better access to our premier orthopaedic educational event, the COA Annual Meeting. The registration fee will now be included in your membership dues and no longer an additional cost.

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2016-2017 Committee Slate PDF Print E-mail

alt Complete 2016-17 COA Committee Slate

updated August 2, 2016


Executive Committee/Comité de direction
President/Président : P. MacDonald
President-Elect/Président élu : K. Orrell
2nd Pres.-Elect/Deuxième président élu : J. Antoniou
Past President/Président sortant : R. Richards
2nd Past-President/Deuxième président sortant : B. Masri
Secretary/Secrétaire : K. Mulpuri
Treasurer/Trésorier : M. Glazebrook

Atlantic/Atlantique : G. Clarke
Québec : R. Turcotte
Ontario : S. Papp
Prairies : C. Beavis
BC/Colombie-Britannique : K. Wing

CPD/CPP : V. Wadey
Finance & Audit/Finances et vérification : J. McAuley
Professional Practice/Exercice orthopédique : G. Clarke
Standards/Normes : J. Gollish
Communications : A. Younger
Membership/Admission : D. Rouleau
Royal College/Collège royal : W. Kraemer
CORA Co-Presidents (Invited)/ : B. Matache/L. Lovse
Coprésidents de l'ACRO (invités)

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Past COA Presidents PDF Print E-mail

Past Presidents of the COA

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Provincial Association Presidents PDF Print E-mail

Presidents of the Provinical Orthopaedic Associations across Canada.

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Canadian Orthopaedic Program Directors PDF Print E-mail

Program Directors for Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Programs across Canada.

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